Life Hacks

Life Hack #2 of 90 something – Key Ring Fingernail Saver

Well here is number 2 on our list in no particular order. Not a life changing idea or a game changer, but definitely worth putting on the list since 99.9% of us have Keys and at times nothing could be worse than breaking a nail especially the ladies out their with the $40-60 acrylic nails.

Showing how to add keys to your key ring using a staple remover I know it has happened to me in the past where my nail is practically ripped from the finger to get a single key on a ring. Which incidentally in the last two months I have had to do on more than one occasion since I recently moved and the process of returning keys and getting new key always makes me cringe slightly when I am reminded of days past of the slight tear that happens when separating the key rings. Fortunately nothing of the sort happened lately but I have found the answer next time I need to separate the ring. I just now have to find a staple remover. However for a mere $100 you can buy a stapler with a detachable staple remover from Amazon. In the near future even if I can’t find my staple remover I may just resort to taking that idea and find other objects around the house, such as a pair of tweezers or a dime.


Again feel free to leave a comment saying if this saved you in some way or you are the originator of the devices.


Stuff required to make this work:

1 – Key Ring

1 – Dislodged Key

1 – Staple Remover (or other thin metal device)

I give this device an overall score of 2/5