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Top 8 Basic Life Skills that People Lack or Need to Improve

Top 8 life skills people lack, or need to improve.

1. How to have a civil conversation with people who disagree with them

This is probably 98% of the people out there which everyone feels that they are the exception to the rule. However, being able to control one’s emotions and not letting them cloud your judgement is near impossible on all subjects, as most people have trigger subjects. As the saying goes there are three things never to talk about when having dinner with guests: money, politics and religion. All are hot button issues that will ruffle someone’s feathers.

2. Showing the slightest amount of appreciation when being helped

3. Basic personal finance skills
Proof of this is that fact that Rent-to-own and cash advance stores stay in business. Too many people are in the mentality of want it, need it now, when in reality it is amazing how many things one can live without when forced to. Even though we are all used to the luxury of purchasing everything we need on the spot doesn’t mean that if fills a basic need other than self gratification.

4. Volume control, you don’t have to be the loudest one talking in a room

5. The inability to follow simple directions

6. Self awareness

  • Many people refuse to see any fault in themselves, and never grow or improve
  • In social interactions, it’s about being considerate
  • When it comes to choices, many have developed learned helplessness where they assume they have no control and are reliant on external assistance

7. Common courtesy

  • taking part in loud conversations or arguments in public, with others or especially on the phone
  • standing in the middle of a walk way oblivious to the fact that people have to walk around you
  • harboring loud animals barking all day/nite or blasting music until 3 am
  • driving slowly in the wrong lane and not using a turn signal
  • texting instead of moving when the light changes
  • simple driving etiquette
  • when you walk through a doorway that others are also using and immediately stop dead center instead of moving to the side to do whatever you need.
  • In public, I’m always taking into consideration how utilizing my own space will affect people. I try to get out of the way and be courteous, but a lot of people seem like they only think of themselves or are completely oblivious.

8. Ability to think or reason

The act of consciously thinking is pretty simple on its surface, even if it is a bit difficult:

  1. When presented with a new piece of data, accept it and analyze it.
    “What does this person mean when they say that tomatoes are sentient?”
  2. Compare that data to any previously held knowledge.
    “What do I already know about tomatoes, or about the requirements for sentience?”
  3. If the data challenges that knowledge, examine all of the available evidence.
    “How do I know these supposed facts about tomatoes, neurology, and their lack of a connection?”
  4. Should the evidence be incomplete, seek to fill out.
    “What don’t I know? Is there any way that tomatoes could actually be the secret overlords of the universe, hell-bent on the destruction of all other life?”
  5. Form a conclusion based on the evidence.
    “It seems unlikely that my sandwich ingredients are capable of outsmarting me.”
  6. Attempt to disprove that conclusion.
    “Excuse me! Tomato! Are you currently plotting my demise? Speak up now, or I will eat you!”

When you examine the evidence and then form a conclusion, things tend to appear very differently than if you start with a conclusion and then look for evidence to support it.


Note: thanks /r/AskReddit for the ideas and 90% of the text herein, we are not claiming this article as original just a more concise and reformatted list of what was presented within reddit. all credit goes to the original author’s