Rules on Being a Gentleman

Now again these are not ones that I came up with, but I do agree with the list. Most of these items are free and easy to do.  Currently I am trying to instill some of these into my kids and know the frustration of trying to explain what these mean to a 10 year old because it has nothing to do with MineCraft or some other video game they have no interest in learning.

I know that I will be printing this poster out and putting it on my fridge as a constant reminder, for everyone including myself, as I am sure I can work on the “Don’t Curse” rule.

A Poster Showing all the rules below

  • Say “Please” and “Thank-you”
  • Work Hard
  • Mind your Manners
  • Offer a Lady your Seat
  • Don’t Curse
  • Extend a Firm Hand Shake
  • Keep your Word
  • Respect Your Elders
  • Always Make Eye Contact
  • Open Doors for Others
  • Stand up Straight
  • Stay Well-Groomed
  • Act Chivalrous
  • Read Books Often
  • Have a Romantic Sensibility
  • Shy Away from Gossip
  • Be Punctual
  • Love Well
  • Stay Humble