Twitter Application – Getting feeds from Twitter

Twitter has disabled the ability to easily retrieve Twitter Feeds, it is now more difficult than ever to get a proper feed. This is my list of steps that I use when setting up an application to retrieve that feed. First you have to understand that Twitter uses OAuth which requires four types keys to authenticate users. These are the steps to create those key.

First step is to log into the development area of Twitter.

  1. – Click on sign in and enter your user name and password for the twitter feed that you want.
  2. In the top right corner a drop down appears after hovering over your twitter image, select from the drop down “My Applications”. This being your first time using this method your list of applications should be empty.
  3. “Create a new application”, click the button.
  4. Next you will need to provide the application details; name, description and website. Agree to the terms of the site and fill in the captcha at the bottom.

Yeah! You have successfully created the Twitter Application.

Now you just have to create your “Access Token”. Click the “Create Access Token” on the details tab of your newly created application.

Now on this details page are 4 very important values; Consumer key, Consumer secret, Access token, and Access token secret.

These four items are what you will use and provide to other sites to be able to access your twitter content.