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Having difficulty in coming up with the next greatest team name that will launch your team to stardom even before they hit the court. A new site for creating very unique names has cropped up in the last month or so that can help you get to the place you need to be in naming your team when all else fails. Inspiration for a team name can come from anywhere, but a giant list of 40 or 50 names at a time can sure help when the creative juices stop flowing. Have a look at the Random Team Name Generator. It may not have the perfect name, but it sure will lead you to something close.

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Contact Info Generator

Fantastic new site that will speed up the testing time that plagues most developers and testers alike. Creating meaningful user data that can be plugged into your tables and not just a bunch of meaningless random characters. User Info Gen have created a sub-domains site here that will create lists of users, with not just meaningful names, but full addresses with realistic cities, states, provinces, postal codes, phone numbers, and zip codes. On top of that there are two additional sections that help with adding the data to a table, with full SQL commands and the ability to add up to 50 listings at a time.