Fake Profile Creator

Contact Generator Screen ShotHave you ever been on a message board or chat room sat there randomly typing keys on the keyboard to try to come up with a fake name, address, or phone number? If you are anything like me the creative juices stop flowing 3 minutes into the exercise and settled on some simple like j_smith from 123 West Lane. Which in someways makes sense since we all have a limited pool of names that we can pull from. If we could only come up with something more unique and less prone to others discovering that the profile is 100% fake.

Well, the site just released the other day a profile generator that comes up with all the vital stats for a user. You are able to select by gender, country, and even the type of credit card you want your new online alias to have. All the information generated is geographically accurate, including the zip code and phone number. Credit cards pass the simple validations. Even the blood type is randomly accurate to percentage of people that have that type of blood. Here is an example of the information generated from the tool.