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Life Hack #5 of 90, Wooden Spoon Boil Over

When you eat as much pasta as I do and are the one in charge of boiling the pasta, it is almost inevitable that a boil over will happen, and with life hack number 5 on our list they may just occur less frequent.
Wooden Spoon over a pot of Boiling PastaPutting a wooden spoon across a boiling pot of water to keep it from boiling over. Not sure about this caption as I have never had a pot of water ever boil over with just water inside. However many times I have had pasta in the pot and it boils over. Now I have been trying this for quite sometime and strangely it does appear to work. Not sure the physics of this but this is not 100% guaranteed to stop boil overs as I have had one occasion where I had a boil over. Probably had the temperature too high.

Stuff required to make this work:

1 – Wooden Spoon

1 – Pot of boiling water with pasta

1 – Unwavering desire to trust

I give this device an overall score of 3/5