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Fake ID’s Risks/Rewards

An article was just published on our sister site that you may find interesting about getting and using fake id’s.

Obviously there are people out there using Fake Id’s and others that are creating them, and movies portraying their use, the most famous use in a movie was seen in SuperBad and the id used was McLovin.

An excerpt from the article: “If you think that the fake ids are being used only by teenagers just for buying alcohol, cigarettes and having fun, then you’re wrong. Surveys have currently proved that in most of the cases false ids are being used for illegal purposes or offensive activities. This is one of the leading reasons the governments of different countries have imposed stringent laws on the use of these cards so that the illegal activities can be easily and effectively prevented. However despite the risks nowadays many people are increasingly using fake ID for specific purposes.”

Check out the full article about Fake ID’s Risk/Rewards: